It’s not just about creating companies. It’s also about creating jobs that will propel the communities in which they operate.
— Steve Case, Entrepreneur & Innovator, Rise of the Rest

it's time to Spark innovation.

Bonfire is an exclusive event for visionary business leaders, venture capitalists, and select startup CEOs. It's an opportunity to bring together both established and emerging entrepreneurs from across the country with the venture capital firms that back them to spark innovation. Nestled in the majestic Cascade Mountain range, Bonfire’s wide array of business visionaries and industry disruptors gather to expand their own boundaries via inspired keynote speakers, interactive panel discussions and cutting edge research in innovation.

Let’s face it, change is everywhere and certainly in how we invest and what companies we invest in. Bonfire creates a positive and supportive platform for sparking innovation in this industry as we continue to put the onus of innovation on smaller towns and cities outside Silicon Valley. This year’s Bonfire 2017 takes a look at tech investments through the lens of our Blindspots. What we can’t see is often more telling than what is apparent. Where are your blindspots in leadership? Financing? Economical growth? Innovation? Join us at Bonfire 2017 for compelling discussions and revealing stories that lend to growth and impact.

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The focus is on the tribal and self-discovery aspects of startups and early-stage companies. After realizing we’re all in the same boat, it becomes about helping each other.
— Tony Abena, Deloitte

Conversations matter. Bring your stories and be prepared to be a part of the change.  There’s ample time to reconnect with familiar faces and have an opportunity to meet some of our dynamic keynote speakers connected to the tech industry. There’s also time to enjoy some Oregon-grown wines, scenic mountain biking, hiking and culinary delights from local organic farms in our region.

Bonfire inspires conversation because it originates from the shared human experience that we all want to succeed and we have all had successes, failures and everything in between. Whether the investment is in early stage or on the cusp of exiting, venture capitalists and CEOs share one common denominator: the entrepreneurial spirit, the passion that drives our work.

Bonfire offers a platform, via an extraordinary backdrop that is Bend, Oregon and allows CEOs and VCs to listen to one another where we don’t often have those opportunities to share our stories. Bonfire allows the voices outside of (and including) Silicon Valley to thrive and if we come to listen deeply will create the powerful economic opportunities that drive this industry.

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